The Universe Talks

 I get notes from the Universe almost every day.  You can too.  Find out how here

Here’s a note I received recently…

Everything you need to know, you know, and everything you need to have, you have…Never again think, “Why isn’t this working?”,  “It’s hard”, “I don’t know”, because such thoughts are like hitting the replay button for whatever you’ve just been through.  Look ahead with your dreams in mind and give thanks, because you know exactly what to do.

OK fine. 

I will act with faith.  Trust The Universe.  Believe in myself.  Blah Blah.

I will also stop wallowing in negative self talk, literally get up and move (even if only walking through the rooms in my house) and I will close the refrigerator door (“the answer”  is not packaged in high-calorie makes-me-happy-for-only-a-few-minutes food). 

Do It

Thanks for stopping by,


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