Art Journaling

AJB class parrot

I am passionate about Art Journaling. I got serious in my early 20’s about using writing as a means to work through problems, express frustrations, dream, etc. But it wasn’t until my first mixed media retreat put on by Cloth Paper Scissors called “Create” in 2008 that I discovered Art Journaling – adding images and color with my words to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It was immediately clear to me of the benefits of this “new” way of journaling: I can cover up the words I write (no one needs to know that much about another human being), it is fun playing with art supplies (unfortunately, collecting art supplies has led to a major addiction) and sometimes I create a really beautiful –to-me journal page!

At that retreat, I started my very first Art Journal in a Moleskine Sketch Book :

First AJ in a Moleskine

And I created my very first page in Melanie Testa’s class “Inspired Journaling Every Single Day”:

ex 28

I created my own Art Journal for the first time 2 years later (also at a “Create” Retreat) in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer ‘s “Paint, Stitch, Tape” class:

Julie Balzer class

(Note – Julie has a fabulous blog with tons of tutorials about Art Journaling here .)

I filled it with info all about the retreat and the classes I took.  This page is from Jeannie Moore’s  “Stitch & Paint” class:

Jeannie Moore class

This is from Kelli Nina Perkins’s  “Stitched Imagery” class:

Kelli Nina Perkins class

(After these experiences I spent a long time fascinated by free-motion quilting.  But it didn’t last.  I wasn’t very good.)

I teach an “Art Journal Basics” class at Crooked Line Studio.  Check out the current class schedule here.  If the schedule doesn’t work for you, we can schedule a private p’ARTy for you and your friends.   You can choose the class you want to take, and the date and time that works best for all of you.  And you can bring your own food and drinks of choice.  We provide paper plates, napkins, silverware, wine and beer glasses, cork screws and a bottle opener.  And we always offer free coffee.  Call us at 406-927-8041 for more information.

Are you an art journaler?

Thanks for stopping by.



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